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COLLECTION: Orange Culture Presents Raindrops and Tears – The AW18 Collection Experience

Once again, Adebayo Oke-Lawal; Founder, Fashion Designer and Creative Director of the fashion brand, Orange Culture has done it again. This time with an exquisitely illustrated story of androgynous fashion on humanity’s relationship with rain. The AW18 Resort collection is another testament to the designer’s resounding success and the global acclaim the label, Orange Culture, continues to enjoy.


Transitioning between sunshine and rain, the collection floats between dark tones and light hues. Fabric options scored for the collection are a kaleidoscope from silky-satins, earthy cottons, tactile velvets and wools to leather. According to Oke-Lawal, ‘the interaction of super soft and hard textiles shows the continual tug-of-war between caged emotionalism and vulnerability’. The collection’s story is further illustrated through the development of custom prints derived from the “chaos of Lagos” in the rain and nuanced with details including custom rain/sunlight buttons.


The double-breasted suit with single-tear button.

Looking sharp continues to look effortless. This ensemble presents an opportunity to embrace masculine femininity without the obvious social sexism that comes with combining hard and soft elements into one look to execute a bigger fashion vision through your style. The mustard colour is a great pantone for the season, allowing it to transition into spring summer without the need of an update. This look is for both work and play but we suggest more play as it deserves a circle of observers who appreciate the finer things in life.

The leather polo shirt with leather backless apron and satin flair leg pants.

I’m the type to wear this look to the shop, on the weekend, to do my weekly grocery shopping. If not, then I’d definitely wear it to sundowners with the BFFs. Its attitude is sophisticated, edgy, a little bit of cheek and plenty of sartorial sarcasm. The detailing on the pants give it a fresh edge and the apron doubles as a great home-cooking fashion statement that can be worn out-to-play too. Both colour and fabric choices here allow for a transitional experience between seasons with this look and the beauty of being able to cross-dress the items individually with other items in your wardrobe for an extended closet.

The waist coat with sunlight button detail and belted slim fit pants with buckle detail.

Blue is a favourite colour of mine – not the favourite, but a favourite – it’s a colour that apart from never failing me, makes me happy and relays nuances of royalty, it also happens to be the theme colour for one of my favourite African luxury events – The L’Ormarins Queen’s Plate. This is perfect for such or something similar. Showing enough flesh without being underdressed, this look gives the yacht lover a great excuse to sunset cruise with friends. Its breathability adds to the comfort and its somewhat loose fit allows for an effortless fit.

The belted suit blazer with puffed pockets and slim fit pants.

Green is such an ethereal colour and when combined with a modern suit it definitely goes a long way. This suit provides luxury for everyday experiences between your agency life and work-related functions in the evening. Pair with a burgundy or burnt orange coat for added warm and drama when out and about on chilly evenings. The blazer alone is a statement, therefore equip yourself with alternative pieces in black, lemon or pomegranate to add depth and switch things up.

The diamond tear tee with double buckle easy pants.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with black and even more so nothing wrong with buying yourself leather pants! I mean look at these. Treated softly, a steady straight leg cut for fit, pleats for shaping and styling and a double waistband with easy fastening belts for support – they are perfect for any day and any situation. The diamond tear tee is easy on the skin, fits like a glove and boasts a one-of-a-kind print, adding to your street-cred extra points for individuality. The ensemble has an extremely masculine take on itself but offers such a soft approach it to all, allowing it to cross over between manning-up and leading from the side line.


It’s always pleasure experiencing a collection with tailor-made accessories and jewellery to complement it. With the production of the AW18 Resort collection, “Raindrops and Tears”, Orange Culture collaborated with a variety of African luxury accessory brands to put together a selection of opulent accessories, including bags, shoes and jewellery. The collection’s green shoes are made by Mezzileroy, the jewellery in collaboration with PICHULIK Africa and additional shoes and the bags created in partnership with APAART Africa.


Gold melted button.

There’s something charming about organic, non-confirming gold jewellery. Pieces that, like this gold melted button by Pichulik Africa(?), remind us of the natural resources of Africa, the man-power behind welding the rock into beauty and its power in just its existence. The earring’s unfinished aesthetic adds a modern touch to an element with longevity as long as time’s.

The round python fanny-pack – By APAART Africa.

I’m not one for snakes, but is it’s not alive and I’m wearing it instead of it eating me – well then, I’m presented and accounted for! And such an exact moment is this beautiful round fanny-pack in python skin by APAART Africa for Orange Culture. With these small and lightweight hands-free bags being all the rage at the moment, it’s self-assuring of one’s taste when you find a designer version of it, as opposed to the tacky tourist-type versions that tend to float around most flea markets. The colour is great for chilly seasons, against grey skies, and it works for the warmer days paired with something light and lemon, for instance. A great design aspect is the thin strap, allowing you to use the bag’s strap as a belt.

The pair of Mezzileroy slip-ons in green.

Slip-ons for the indulgent man. Yes, indulgent. Made from genuine leather with a soft and supportive inner sole, these slip-ons were made for the ultimate luxury day excursion experience. Whether you’re drifting from room to room in your home, or perhaps doing a spot of errands, these slip-ons will look and feel amazing in the daytime as they will when worn out to dinner with a loved one. Pair with a black ensemble or play on their bright colour with additional pieces in a variety of citrus colours, and you’re bound to be as excitable as the shoes are exciting.


There’s a sensually savvy scent of vanity in this Orange Culture collection, particularly displayed through its details. Elements as small as a raindrop sit idyllically next to frivolous frilled necklines, marbled tears adorn belt loops on coats, outerwear and day blouses parade about town open back or showing backbone through optional slits, shoulders bare their vulnerability through cut-outs with buttoning-up options and even tassels shake off their pent-up emotions. The beauty of it all, is that these finer details add legends to the story of Adebayo’s inspiration for this collection.


The open back – anything!

I’m notoriously bias about this detail as it’s probably one of, if not the most, favourite detail any designer can add to an item. There’s something to be said about the ability to be dressed yet create mystery with a bit of flesh in a particular area. In this specific example, the open back detail is further entertained with the rouged sleeve detail giving it another dynamic all-together.

The peeking shoulder.

Dropped-shoulder sleeves are always cute, and done right, they can be incredibly gorgeous and create a dynamic style effect on the item and ensemble. With this silk shirt, the shoulder detail is given buttons, as an option, so should you wish to hide your shoulders, you simply have to close off the buttons and off you go. Sounds rather redundant? Consider how when worn either way, people will consider it a different shirt from the last. It’s fashion’s new 2-in-1 style item.

The waistband – double or nothing.

The waistband is the thing to watch out for right now. Always left as an extra in the movie that no one gets to see, this season and probably in the next two to three to come, the waistband gets a starring role – and its co-star is its very own belt. Designed to finish off your trousers properly, the waistband also acts as the final piece in shaping the pants and ensuring they fit and sit appropriately. Giving them a style update is only befitting. In this instance, Adebayo, opted for a double height and added two strap-buckles for detailing purposes.

In the end, what you take out of this collection is entirely up to you. It, regardless, stands an example of how great menswear from an African designer can own an authentic identity from a local perspective, yet be able to gain international placement because of its relevance within fashion and the times it is made in.

“As a child I’d sit by the window and stare at the raindrops falling from the sky. It always felt so surreal to me. It always made me feel like it was here to wash things away and by standing under it, I’d feel a sense of freedom, newness or liberty.”

Quote by Adebayo Oke-Lawal


Creative Direction – Team Orange Culture
Photographer – Daniel Obasi
Make-Up Artist - Uche
Lights & Logistics - Ofure
Props – Aga Concept

Models - Davou + Michael from Fowler Models // Eze from MyBooker Models // Modupe from Few Model Management // Dave, Samiko and Sukanmi from Fuse Management.

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Mami Wata & Missibaba launch their latest collaborative creation - the BANANANANANANAS custom surfboard bag in support of youth surf charity, Waves for Change.

Driven by their collective love of banana’s and bold colours, the Mami Wata X Missibaba collaboration has given rise to a wonderfully vivid piece of design. The eclectic surfboard bag celebrates the vibrancy of each brand and their shared intention to uplift local communities through creativity and art.

The Mami Wata x Missibaba surfboard bag fundraiser initiative was established to aid the exciting new Waves for Change project in Harper, Liberia, where the funds raised will go towards building a new Waves For Change club house.

In July, members of the public can get involved by visiting the GoFundMe platform on the Mami Wata website where they can buy unique Mami Wata products, such as the first Mami Wata X Missibaba custom surfboard bag, as well as African surf experiences. The proceeds from every purchase via the GoFundme platform will go towards the construction and operation of the club house.

Follow the story via Mami Wata, Missibaba or Waves For Change!


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#LIFESTYLE: Cape Town’s bartenders sling KWV Brandy into the next century

Africa was source of inspiration when ten of the top bartenders from Cape Town came together on Tuesday, 8 May, to compete in the KWV Brandy Reimagined competition at Cause|Effect Cocktail Kitchen and Brandy Bar.  This competition seeks to identify SA’s top bartender, who will be crowned KWV Brandy’s Futurist – and walk away with a rare bottle of KWV Nexus valued at R24 000!

KWV Brandy is considered part and parcel of South African culture, and it was, therefore, appropriate that most competitors led with ‘African-infused’ flavours and memories in their cocktails. Mixology consultant Roxanne Read was inspired by her childhood weekends spent swimming in the rain with the smell of braaivleis in the air. She brought these memories to life with ingredients smelling like freshly cut grass and used activated charcoal to emulate the smell of a dwindling braai fire. Aiden Powrie, who is not only a bartender but a chef and world traveller, continued the element of nostalgia by taking the judges on an African safari while preparing his drink. As a homage to his grandfather he dressed in his safari attire, as a tribute to a man that was born in the same year as KWV – 1918.

Other competitors included Thirst Bar Services’ own Sabrina Traubner who showed off her sassy personality not only in her presentation but with her aptly named brandy-based cocktail, the ‘Spicy Sabrina’ too. Talent Sawula, representing Haiku, drew his inspiration from the beautiful Cape Winelands by introducing flavours of Sauvignon Blanc wine to his cocktail named the Cape Wine Grape.  Iranian born Marshall Behaein, representing Cause|Effect decided to focus on a drink specifically created for ladies, bringing in flavours of ginger, beetroot and chocolate. Marshall expressed his profound respect for KWV as a brand by boldly commenting that what most brands see as a goal to look towards, KWV brandy has already achieved, cementing KWV’s status as an industry leader. This respect for KWV Brandy was a constant theme throughout the night with almost all of the competitors mentioning that KWV Brandy played a significant role in their lives in one way or another.

The KWV Brandy judges, KWV master distiller, Pieter de Bod; Dominic Walsh, owner of Mootee Cocktail Bar in Johannesburg; Jan Laubscher, prolific drinks commentator; respected drinks writer Leah van Deventer; charismatic Sunday Times S Mag editor, Thembalethu Zulu; influential trendsetter, Seth Shezi; and Cause|Effect owner and cocktail expert Kurt Schlechter were left with the challenging task of deciding on a Top 5.

De Bod, Walsh and Zulu all mentioned their joy in seeing African themes and ideas inspiring the various cocktail recipes. “It is exciting to see KWV Brandy reimagined in such unique ways,” said Walsh.

Judged on criteria of aroma, taste, appearance, balance, brandy pairing and presentation, it was Sabrina Traubner, Roxanne Read, Brent Perremore (consultant), Peter Labese (Botanical Bar) and Melrick Harrison (Twankey Bar) who won the judges’ favour. The scores of the Top 5 from Cape Town will now be entered and considered against the Top 5 scoring bartenders from Johannesburg and Durban, following regionals at Mootee Bar in Johannesburg on the 22nd of May. The overall winner of KWV’s bartending competition will be announced at a Grand Finale at the House of Fire – the home of KWV Brandy in Paarl on the 12th of June.

“Brandy has traditionally been considered as a mixer with coke. This one-dimensional approach was definitely challenged tonight, with cocktails incorporating KWV’s award-winning brandies. It is inspiring to see that KWV Brandy elicited so much creativity from Cape Town’s top bartenders. Cape Town’s bartenders proved that KWV Brandies are incredibly versatile in their offering,” said Jerome Adonis, Brand Manager for Brown Spirits at KWV.

A selection of the Top 5 KWV Brandy Reimagined cocktails from the Cape Town regionals will be served at Cause|Effect Cocktail Kitchen and Brandy Bar from the 29th of May to the 9th of June and KWV Brandy lovers are invited to sample these for a glimpse into the journeys the bartenders took in the development of their drinks.

You can track the bartenders’ journey by following the hashtag #KWVBrandyReimagined and following KWV Brandy on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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